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Legislative Budget Office | Special Session Fiscal Notes

Special Session Fiscal Notes

Fiscal notes requested during the 91st Legislature 2020 Special Sessions are listed below. For fiscal notes prepared during regular legislative sessions, please use the Fiscal Note Search.

Note: Documents are available in alternative formats upon request by contacting

2020 Special Session Fiscal Notes

Bill Number Title Type Author Bill Text
HF14-1E Weights and Measures; Petroleum Tank Fund Transfer Regular Carlson Sr., Lyndon Text
HF69-0 Reading Proficiency and Literacy Incentive Aid Regular Robbins, Kristin Text
HF2376-0 Peace Officers Board (POST) Regular Gomez, Aisha Text
HF3584-0 Companion Animal Board Established Regular Lesch, John Text
HF4075-0 School Meal Policy and Aid Provisions Regular Carlson, Lyndon Text
HF4192-0 Peace Officer Training Standards Regular Long, Jamie Text
HF9062-0 Shared Work Plan Requirements Unofficial Stephenson, Zack Text
HF9063-0 Task Force; Officer-Involved Incidents Unofficial Mariani, Carlos Text
HF9064-0 AG Prosecutor for Peace Officer-Involved Deaths Unofficial Unknown Text
HF9065-0 BCA Special Investigation Unit Unofficial Long, Jamie Text
HF9066-0 Office of Community-Led Public Safety Coordination Unofficial Unknown Text
HF9067-0 POST Board Membership; Policy Commumnity Relations Unofficial Unknown Text
HF9069-0 Limitations Waived for Certain Actions Unofficial Dehn, Raymond Text
HF9073-0 Personal Care Assistants; COVID-19 Unofficial Lippert, Todd Text
HF9074-0 Personal Care and Support Worker Rqmts; COVID-19 Unofficial Lippert, Todd Text
HF9077-0 PCA and Support Worker Requirements; Rate Increase Unofficial Lippert, Todd Text
SF32-0 COVID-19 Screenings in Long-Term Care Settings Regular Housley, Karin Text
SF3606-3A Parent Aware Eval; K Readiness Assess Req Regular Nelson, Carla Text
SF9105-0 Freeze and Unfilled Position Reduction Unofficial Kiffmeyer, Mary Text
SF9118-0 Reverse Credit Transfer Agrmt; Public Higher Ed Unofficial Rarick, Jason Text